Hello Everybody, my name is Brandon. As an 26 year old systems administrator I spend a lot of time on the internet. I google everything; literally any question that pops in my head I will google, even if I know full and well that the google will probably not have the answer to my specific personal question*. Much of what I’ve been using the internet for lately is finding hobbies. I’m new to hobbies and have never been very good at them; what I’ve found is that the internet is full of blogs about people and their hobbies. While I don’t find most of these hobby blogs* very interesting I do often find them informative and helpful. My goal with this blog is to create a site where I can share my hobbies and life in a fun, informative, helpful and not annoying way.

Let me give an example.
Cooking is a hobby I am starting to really enjoy. Since I am still a beginner I often look for recipes and guides on the internet (mostly Pintrest*), and I’ve successfully created a lot of good dinners based off of blog posts. But I get extremely frustrated with Pinterest and with the blog sites due to their horrible lay out, excessive adds and terrible apps. So a lot of what my posts will be about is the latest recipe that I’ve made based on a blog post/Pintrest post/google search. BUT the key difference is that all of the important information you need to recreate my delicious creation will be right at the top and without any annoying popup ads. You won’t have to scroll through my thoughts about how much fun I had making, how it’s healthy, or great for kids or whatever and get straight to the part you need. Sure I’ll still add my notes and more detailed descriptions and directions in the post, but if you don’t want to read it you don’t have to.

I’m all about efficiency.

Topics I plan on blogging about include:
General manliness
Possibly even some photography*, christian faith, family, life events, or really just whatever is going on in my head that week.

I’m going to try to post once a week, but we’ll see how that goes.

I tend to write like I talk and I tend to talk like I think and I think a little rambly.
To help keep the flow of the posts going and to keep it grammatically correct if you see an asterix like this:
Hover over it and read my ramblings*

So that’s it for now,


p.s. here’s a picture of me that my lovely fiancee took:DSC_0085.JPG


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