Yosemite Trip

Hey Everyone! As i mentioned in my previous hiking/camping blog a group of my friends and I like to make at least one trip to Yosemite National Park a year and we just got back from our latest trip a few days ago. We had such an amazing time. If you read my last post you’ll be expecting a follow up to hiking the 15 miles of 4 mile trail and panorama trail; unfortunately due to weather restrictions we were not able to do these hikes =(

We drove the 6 hours from southern California to Yosemite Valley Friday morning and the whole time we were checking the weather reports trying to see what to expect for the weekend. Most reports were pretty bleak. We went into the weekend expecting rain Friday after noon, snow Friday night and more rain Saturday afternoon. Since we were tent camping  we were pretty worried. Due to the rain and possible snow, Glacier point was closed most of the time we were there. So that ruled out our plans for hiking 4 mile trail up to glacier point and hiking down panorama, not to mention that hike would take a while and we’d probably end up hiking in the rain at some point. So instead we decided to do vernal falls, a wonderful hike for most skill levels.

Vernal Falls was beautiful! There was so much water, we might as well have hiked in the rain with all the mist coming off of the falls, the path was partially flooded and a little precarious. But we all made it to the top and had a wonderful lunch on a rock at the end of the river. Other highlights of the trip, obviously you need to have smores, we ate plenty of those (if you haven’t had a smore with a peanut butter cup, you need to try it), we walked to lower Yosemite falls, and Bridalveil falls, had a relaxing lunch on sentinel beach, saw a freaking bear!!!! He was in the tree line surrounding the curry village (now called half dome village), he was pretty young and almost a golden color. He was too far for our smart phone cameras to take a pick of, and I didn’t have my nice camera with me at the time so you’ll just have to trust me. I slept in the tent that night (usually I have a hammock), partially because it was windy and raining and I didn’t have the best hammock set up, and partially because where we saw that bear was about 200 yards from our camp site in lower pines.

Overall it was am amazing trip. So much fun hanging with my homies and seeing some great sites. Can’t wait to do it again!

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